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Introduction of specific methods for maintaining Pure Water Treatment

Sep 01, 2020

Maintenance of the pre-treatment system: The quartz sand and activated carbon filters must be cleaned according to the quality of the raw water: the raw water is tap water and the quartz sand and activated carbon filters are rinsed once every 7 days. When the straight water is river water, well water, etc., the water quality is poor It is usually washed once every three days to ensure that the sediment, impurities, and particles accumulated in the pre-disposer are removed in time.

If the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the security filter increases (>0.06Mpa), the filter element must be changed to ensure the normal rotation of the RO installation. Proposal: The filter element must be removed for inspection and cleaned every three days. The replacement cycle of the filter element depends on the quality of its inlet water, usually every 15 days. The maintenance of RO reverse osmosis system.

Regularly record various transfer parameters of RO installation. Proposal: Record the RO installation parameters every two hours. As the rotation time increases, sediment will adhere to the outer surface of the membrane, which will affect the water permeability, so the RO components must be cleaned regularly. If the pressure of each membrane element in the module is found to be greater than 0.1Mpa, the cleaning should be stopped immediately (the cleaning is completed by the cleaning system). According to different pollution conditions, targeted disposal measures. 

Check the conductivity meter and the pressure gauges regularly to make them work normally and accurately. Check the electrical control system regularly to ensure that the equipment turns normally. Regularly check the high-pressure pump and the RO front pump, and replace the newly put in reverse osmosis equipment or the new membrane module of the smooth oil according to the maintenance manual. Low pressure flushing is necessary to drain the membrane maintenance agent from the concentrated water and product water to avoid the maintenance agent from entering The waste water tank is transferred to discharge the produced water to the qualified water quality.