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Installation steps for pure water equipment?

Oct 23, 2018

1. Place the purified water unit and preprocessor close to the water source and power source.

2. Contain quartz sand, activated carbon, softening resin and other filter materials.

3. Connecting waterways: connecting the inlet of the original water pump with the water source, connecting the outlet of the prefilter with the inlet of the main engine, connecting the preprocessor and the outlet of the main engine with pipelines to the sewer.

reverse osmosis equipment .jpg

4. Circuit: firstly, the grounding wire shall be reliably grounded, and the randomly allocated power cord shall be connected to the electric cabinet in the room.

5. Connect water source and power supply, follow the requirements of "pretreatment operation instructions", and complete the pretreatment and debugging operation.

6. Use the machine, the original pump switch, dial in the automatic position, and turn the stop switch.

Connect water source and power supply. When the pressure of the multi-stage pump port reaches the set value of the pressure controller, the multi-stage pump starts working.

After the multi-stage pump starts, the pressure of the system is adjusted to 1.01-1.2mpa.

The RO membrane system should be firstly started for manual flushing for 30 minutes.