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Influencing factors of water treatment equipment

Oct 20, 2017

1. Temperature

When the liquid is filtered, the suspension temperature is low, the viscosity is large and the filtration speed is slow. The viscosity of the liquid is the exponential function of the temperature, which decreases with the increase of temperature. Heating is the simplest and effective measure to reduce viscosity, but the temperature is too high, easy to make oil oxidation, wool oil filtration temperature is generally not more than 70 degrees.

2. Operating pressure

Most of the impurities in the crude oil are incompressible impurities, the operation pressure is strong, the filtration rate is also big. If the solid matter suspended in the oil is composed of colloidal matter, then as the pressure increases, the void inside the filter cake becomes smaller, the filtration resistance increases gradually, and the filtration speed drops rapidly, so the pressure must be determined according to different conditions.

3. Concentration of suspended liquid

The concentration is large, the residue is many, the effective filtration time in each operation cycle of intermittent production is shortened correspondingly, and the output is affected. But for the continuous vacuum filter operation, the concentration of the cake produced by the more uniform, and easy to clean up in time, the yield impact is small.

4. Filtration Medium and filter aid

The selection of filtration media affects the clarity of the oil after filtration and whether the cake is smooth or not. The oil industry uses the filter medium to weave the medium most.