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In wastewater treatment, compared with other biological treatment methods, what are the obvious advantages of MBR system?

Jul 31, 2018

1.High decontamination rate, stable effluent water quality, no disinfection;

2.The separation of HRT (hydraulic retention time) and SRT (sludge aging time) is realized, which simplifies the design and operation of the system.

3.Mechanical cutting of membrane can avoid microbial leakage, maintain high concentration of sludge, effectively increase volume load, reduce sludge load and floor space.

MBR membrane bioreactor .jpg

4.In the MBR system, long SRT is beneficial to the growth of microorganisms over a long period of time, and is conducive to the biodegradation of refractory organic substances.

5.The longer SRT also makes the MBR system have the same effect as the aerobic problem pool, and it can be observed to reduce the volume of sludge and save the process cost.

6.In order to adapt to the growth of nitrifying bacteria, MBR technology has a good control over SRT and improves the nitrifying ability of nitrifying bacteria.

7.The MBR system is compact and easy to integrate automatic control and operation management.