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Importance of circulating cooling water for water treatment

Oct 20, 2017

After the long-term use of cooling water, it will inevitably bring about three problems, such as the adhesion of sediments, metal corrosion and microbial breeding, and the treatment of circulating cooling water is to solve these problems by means of water treatment. The benefits are as follows: 1, stable production, there is no sediment adhesion, corrosion perforation and sticky mud blockage and other hazards, the heat exchanger in the cooling water can always work in a good environment, in addition to the planned overhaul, unplanned maintenance accident will be reduced, so in the circulation of cooling water for the factory's long cycle safety production to provide a guarantee. 2, save water Resources, an annual output of 300,000 tons of ammonia plant, if the use of DC cooling water system, the hourly water consumption up to 23500m3; and 1.5 times times the concentration of the operation, the hourly water consumption is reduced to 1100m3, if the concentration is increased to 3 times times, then the hourly water consumption only 550m3. 3, reduce environmental pollution, DC cooling water system directly from the source of cold water for cooling, and then the temperature rise of the hot water again discharged into the water. In addition to the waste of tropical water to form heat pollution, if the direct cooling water is also used chemical treatment to eliminate scaling, corrosion, then a large number of discharged cooling water will be brought into the environment of a lot of chemicals, the water generated serious pollution.