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How to treat printing and dyeing industrial wastewater?

Jul 15, 2018

 shilin dye can be acidified into cryptobaric acid, colloidal particles.

Suspended in the residual liquid, after precipitation filtration after recycling.

Harmless treatment can be divided into :(1) physical treatment methods include precipitation and adsorption.

Sedimentation is mainly used to remove suspended matter from wastewater.

The adsorption method is mainly used to remove the dissolved pollutants and decolorize the wastewater.

integrated water purifierNitrogen and phosphorus wastewater reuse equipment  .jpg

(2) chemical treatment methods include neutralization, coagulation and oxidation.

The neutralization method is to adjust the acidity and alkalinity of waste water and reduce the color of waste water.

Coagulation is used to remove disperse dyes and colloidal substances from wastewater.

The oxidation process is to oxidize the reducing substances in the waste water to precipitate the sulfide dye and the reducing dye.

(3) the biological treatment methods include activated sludge, biological wheel, biological drum and biological contact oxidation.

In order to improve the water quality, meet the discharge standards or recycling requirements.

There are several ways to combine them.