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How to treat high concentration ammonia nitrogen sewage?

Mar 08, 2019

The source;

Secondly, the high-efficiency denitrifying bacteria culture was enriched and the high-efficiency denitrifying bacteria strains were isolated.

Finally is compound with high efficient denitrifier agent and target wastewater as substrate domesticated efficient denitrifier group. In recent years, my company launched a number of studies of zhejiang university, through denitrification community structure analysis, function test and repeated screening, the efficient ZU denitrifier, and in the waste water treatment project (ammonia nitrogen of up to 1000 mg/L) has been applied and obtained ideal effect, stable effluent ammonia nitrogen standard (below 15 mg/L).

.Coal chemical wastewater reuse equipment

This ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment technology is environmentally friendly, resulting in N2 production without secondary pollution.

Such an advantage is the main reason why I would like to introduce this ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment process to you!