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How to treat high concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater?

Feb 20, 2019

Ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment technologies include:

Efficient ZU denitrifying bacteria technology, ammonia nitrogen cycle blowing recovery process, anaerobic ammonia oxidation technology,

Electroplating wastewater reuse equipment

General biological denitrification technique using A/O, SBR, biological activated carbon process on water stability of low concentration of ammonia nitrogen wastewater has good effect, but when the wastewater COD, ammonia nitrogen and TN content high, the microbial metabolic activity decreased significantly. Chemical wastewater with high COD, TN, new shortcut nitrification technology combined with mature traditional A/O process can effectively degrade the objective pollutants and gain more economic, more effective compared with the traditional technological process the results. Highly efficient biological denitrification technology difficulty is efficient cultivation of denitrifier. Its experience three process, first of all acquired from natural habitats efficient denitrifier