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How to solve the problem of yellowing of softening water equipment?

Sep 23, 2018

In many areas, the water quality is hard, so the use of water softening equipment is very common. Water softening equipment helps us achieve water softening and greatly improves our living water.

If the user of the softening water device finds that the water quality turns yellow, don't worry. Learn the following methods to ease your problem.

The next to understand the solution to soften water equipment water quality yellowing methods.

If users find that the water quality of the softening water equipment is yellow, they should first check whether the tap is rusted, whether the pipe is rusted or secondary pollution.

If the faucets and pipes are all right and the water is soft or brown, the resin must be contaminated.

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Because there was no backwashing of the resin for a long time, no industrial brine was slowly injected into the resin, and sodium ions in the brine were replaced with calcium and magnesium ions in the water.

When the resin is saturated after replacement reaction, the water quality of the softening water will be affected, making the softening water yellow.

At this time, the resins must be backrinsed, the impurities attached to the surface of the resins rinsed clean, regenerating effect.

Users can disinfect the resin with a professional disinfectant and then wash the resin with 70 to 75 degrees of hot water