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How to reduce water pollution?

Sep 01, 2018

5. Choose household cleaning products that have less impact on the environment, and try to choose natural cleaning products that can replace these detergents.

These substances, such as alkali flour and baking soda, do not pollute water much.

6. Chemical laundry is used in dry cleaners. The chemical products used in dry cleaners will cause great harm to the environment and minimize the number of dry cleaning.

It would be better if you could buy clothes that don't require dry cleaning.

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7. Do not dump sewage or refuse in water reserves, reservoirs, lakes and rivers;

Do not pile up rubbish or dig ditches.

Don't wash cars, stock animals or set up camps by the water.

Do not bathe, swim or play in any drinking water source.

8. Ensure that the waste generated by the car is properly disposed of.

In addition, please choose as far as possible the environmental protection automobile cleaning supplies!

The earth is a great mother. To be kind to the earth is to be kind to ourselves, because that is our root!