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How to operate the purified water purification equipment correctly?

Dec 26, 2018

Pure water purification equipment has brought a lot of convenience to our life, in the industry, food industry, medicine and other fields has been inseparable from pure water purification equipment.

Today, cory company will introduce to you the operation steps of purified water purification equipment, as well as matters needing attention in the use process: operation steps of purified water purification equipment:

1. The purpose of "preflush" is to fill the reverse osmosis equipment with water and remove the air inside the membrane.

2. "rinsing" is the continuation of pre-rinsing.

In 45s, the reverse osmosis equipment water quality - meets the requirements of automatic operation.

If the requirements cannot be met within 45s, or the flow rate is less than the minimum set value, the reverse osmosis equipment will automatically turn to the stage of "rinse after operation".

reverse osmosis equipment

3. "operation" is the continuation of washing.

At this stage, operators should adjust the valve opening of the inlet gate of reverse osmosis equipment and the outlet gate of concentrated brine according to the pressure, 75% recovery rate and flow rate.

4. The purpose of "post-operation flushing" is to flush the reverse osmosis membrane with low-pressure water flow and remove the residual salt in the membrane when the reverse osmosis pure water production equipment stops running, until the water quality on the concentrated brine side is the same as that on the inlet side.

The time is preset, usually about 10min.