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How to make rational use of water resources?

May 14, 2018

Water is an indispensable natural resource for human development and a material basis for human and all living things.

In today's world, water resource shortage and pollution of water resources crisis has become any country in the policy, economy and technology facing the complex issues and the main factors of social economic development.

In the absence of water resources, the reality of water pollution has added to the concern.

In many parts of China, due to various complex factors, many water bodies have been seriously polluted, which aggravates the contradiction of water resource shortage.

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The development and utilization of water resources in human society are divided into two categories:

One is the amount of water needed to take away water from the water resources, which can meet the needs of people's livelihood and industrial and agricultural production. The quantity is consumed, the quality changes, and the water is returned to the water source in another place.

Another kind is access to water (hydro), development of water transport, fisheries and aquatic amusement, maintain the ecological balance, etc., the use of don't need to water away from the water, but need to keep some the water level of rivers, lakes, estuaries, flow and water quality.

The main ways to solve the water shortage are:

1) reduce industrial water consumption and improve the reuse rate of water.

2) implement scientific irrigation and reduce waste of agricultural water.

3) recycling urban sewage and opening a second source of water.

In order to solve the water problem which is closely related to human social life, we must use modern water treatment technology and water treatment equipment.