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How to maintain the uf separation equipment?

Sep 12, 2018

With the development of water treatment technology and the emergence of ultrafiltration membrane separation equipment, industrial application of ultrafiltration membrane has brought convenience to the factory operation to a certain extent.

At present, ultrafiltration technology has been widely used in domestic industrial waste water treatment field, such as in power, steel and other factories.

At the same time, there are some problems during the operation of the equipment, so how should we maintain and manage the uf separation equipment?

Intermediate control fiber ultrafiltration membrane  .jpg

First of all, we need to check and follow up the process and cleaning of the ultrafiltration system every day. If there is any abnormal situation, we should take corresponding measures to solve it in time and keep a good record of the situation every day.

During this period, we may find that there is a decrease in penetration. If penetration decreases by 30%, we should pay attention to it. In general, organization cleaning measures will be adopted at this time.