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How to maintain the purified water treatment equipment?

Nov 12, 2018

These maintenance techniques should be paid attention to when using the purified water treatment equipment, and the operation safety of the equipment should be paid attention to during the use process, so as to guarantee better benefit income.

Whether the purified water equipment can run well for a long time is important for maintenance. Careful maintenance of the equipment makes the equipment handy.

Therefore, care should be taken not to damage the clean water equipment while it is running.

Attention should be paid to the operation of purified water equipment:

1. Prevent the filter material from entering the reverse osmosis device: select the appropriate water outlet device of the filter to prevent the filter from leaking sand and activated carbon.

Choose proper activated carbon to prevent powder removal during use.

reverse osmosis equipment

2. Set up a separate water supply system for large water purification equipment with tap water as the source, which can not only guarantee the stable operation of the water supply system, but also reduce the instantaneous impact of the RO system on the water supply network of the whole plant.

High and low pressure protection facilities shall be set up when RO device takes water directly from the original water pipe network, because most water pipe network pressure fluctuations are large.

3. The compatibility between reagent and reagent should be considered first, and the compatibility between reagent and membrane material should be considered second.

For example, in RO systems, coagulants, coagulants, fungicides, reducers and scale inhibitors are often used simultaneously.

Because the gels in natural water are generally negatively charged, positive cationic coagulants are often used.

In order to prevent scale formation of R0 device, the inlet end of RO almost takes into account the measure of adding scale inhibitors, which are almost all with negative charge.

Therefore, the reaction between cationic coagulants and anionic scale inhibitors should be avoided to prevent the colloidal compounds from deposition on the membrane surface.

The above points are very important in the process of using the purified water equipment, which is not only the protection of the equipment, but also the guarantee of production.