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How to maintain the purified water treatment equipment?

Nov 11, 2018

Nowadays, water pollution around us is becoming more and more serious. Many places have adopted the purified water treatment equipment produced by our company. Then how to maintain the purified water treatment equipment?

(1) the equipment is installed indoors. In order to prevent the resin from freezing and parts from rust and electrical short circuit fault, the ambient temperature should be above zero, and there is no steam, so it is relatively dry and clean.

(2) after the equipment is in place, tighten all the fixed bolts again, and the distributor enclosure should be connected to the ground;

reverse osmosis equipment

The upper and lower bolts of the clamp block on the rotary valve shall not be loose, and the exchange column shall not be knocked.

(3) do not adjust the time relay at work, cut off the power when repairing and scrubbing equipment, and prevent water from the motor, switchboard and limit switch.

(4) during operation, water supply and power supply at the same time, and when the operation stops, water and electricity are also closed.

(5) keep the equipment clean frequently and take care not to touch the pulley during operation to avoid accidents.