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How to maintain the pure water equipment during downtime?

May 13, 2018

For the equipment downtime (national statutory holidays, seasonal shutdown, plant maintenance, etc.), the maintenance points of reverse osmosis units (including electronic control system and reverse osmosis membrane) are as follows:

1. The RO device is temporarily shut down (no more than three days) and must be flushed with the security filter for 30 minutes each day and the RO component is filled with filtered water.

2. If the RO device is permanently shut down (more than three days), 1% formaldehyde solution shall be adopted, full of RO components, and then all valves shall be closed and checked once a month.

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In summer, control the ambient temperature to prevent mildew, winter freeze, if necessary, add 10-20% glycerin.

3. It is best to save water with reverse osmosis fresh water and formaldehyde to apply chemical reagent products.

4. When the reverse osmosis system composed of composite membrane is to be suspended for more than one week, the system should be soaked with 1% of NaHSO3 solution to prevent bacteria from propagating on the membrane surface.