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How to flush out the resin when the softened water equipment is regenerated

Oct 07, 2020

The common causes of resin running during the water production process are that the center tube is broken, the lower water distributor is off or broken, and a large amount of resin enters the soft water tank. It is easy to find by disassembling the resin tank and pulling out the center tube for inspection. If damaged, replace the center tube for water distribution Device.

The main reason for resin leakage in the regeneration process (the resin flows out with the sewage) is caused by the rupture of the water distributor, the backwash water inlet pressure is too high, and the flow rate is too fast. After confirming that the water distributor is not damaged, reduce the backwash We can solve the problem of water flow rate and resin running out of softened water equipment. In reality, it is the same as long as we find the problem carefully and solve the problem carefully.

1. During the regeneration process, the pressure in the bed is not easy to be too high. This has two purposes: one is to prevent the high pressure in the bed from making the brine unable to enter. The second is to prevent the salt water in the operating bed from leaking into the operating bed due to the lack of strict access to the salt solution in the operating bed, causing the hardness or Cl- content of the operating bed to increase.

2. Regular backwashing of the salt filter. Because the silt in the industrial salt is not removed, it may enter the softening bed with the salt water and deposit in the resin layer, which will affect the ZS or operation effect of the softening bed. In order to ensure the operating effect of the salt filter, the salt filter should be backwashed regularly. Consider backwashing every 25-30d. The backwashing of the salt filter can be performed as a general filter operation. It is best to follow the recommendations of the manufacturers of high-purity water equipment!