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How should operators maintain ultra-pure water equipment?

Sep 15, 2018

Ultra-pure water equipment is mainly used in finishing industry, such as electronics industry, electroplating industry, chemical industry, etc.

From the installation and use of ultra-pure water equipment to the maintenance of equipment, operators need to have some professional knowledge.

In order to let more people know, and skilled operation of ultra-pure water equipment, here is a brief introduction to the use of ultra-pure water equipment matters.

  1. When running ultra-pure water equipment, operators should first open the ultra-pure water equipment and let the equipment run for about 20 minutes to give the equipment a running-in process. The purpose of this is to reduce the wear between components of ultra-pure water equipment.

Intermediate control fiber ultrafiltration membrane .jpg

2. The operation time of ultra-pure water equipment should be between 2-5 hours. If the equipment is in a long-term operation state, the equipment parts will be overburdened, and the ultra-pure water equipment will fail after a long time.

Therefore, the staff should properly stop the equipment, so that the equipment is properly rested.

3. During operation of ultra-pure water equipment, staff should pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound in contact friction between various parts of ultra-pure water equipment. If there is abnormal sound, the equipment should be stopped as soon as possible, and grease the parts connection.

Above content is the ultra pure water equipment operation, the staff needs to pay attention to the problem, hoped everybody can learn.