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How many ways do ozone and pure water mix?

Apr 12, 2018


1. The ozone mixing tower is mixed with ozone in the ozone - water mixed with water to form filling water in the ozone mixing tower.

Generally, ozone is cut into small bubbles through the air plate, which can mix water and ozone.


2. Ozone is first entered into the water injector (venturi tube) and then mixed with water in a fixed spiral mixer.


The method has the advantages of high mass transfer coefficient, high ozone concentration in water and small occupation area, which is suitable for the equipment with oxygen as the gas source.

3. The half-life of ozone and purified water after the combination of ozone and water is mainly determined by the water temperature, and the half-life is short.

Low water temperature has a long half-life.

Usually between 15 and 40 minutes.

This has higher requirements for the production of drinking water purification enterprises.

Some production enterprises' technological process and production control are not reasonable, which is the cause of low ozone concentration.