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How long can the ro membrane filter element of reverse osmosis equipment be used?

Nov 06, 2018

The RO membrane filter in the reverse osmosis device can use how long, this is a customer to buy reverse osmosis equipment frequently asked questions, the first major know RO there are good and bad, we generally divided into import and domestic, home-grown relatively cheap, quality is not as good as imported diaphragm, imported diaphragm will be under the same conditions with long time.

The duration of reverse osmosis membrane mainly depends on two factors

The quality of raw water, if the quality of raw water is poor, the service life of membrane components will be shortened. Generally, we recommend customers to use deep well water or tap water, and we do not recommend customers to use surface water or river water.

Many manufacturers guarantee that RO film can be used for 3-5 years, and in fact, they are not responsible. If the reverse osmosis equipment requires 24 hours without stopping water, the service life of RO film will be shorter. If it only takes a few hours a day, the time will be very long.

reverse osmosis equipment

The reverse osmosis equipment needs regular maintenance and maintenance. It can be seen that there are still some reverse osmosis membranes that are mostly damaged by human, including that the RO membrane is frozen in winter because the equipment is not well kept warm, which may cause damage to the membrane components that cannot be used.

Or, using some irregular scale inhibitors, the membrane element becomes clogged.