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How is the preprocessor maintained?

May 11, 2018

1, quartz sand, activated carbon filter according to the raw water quality situation to determine the cleaning cycle: raw water for tap water in general (press) of computation of 7 days a week wash once, raw water to the groundwater, river water, well water, and other general water quality is poor when once every three days to wash, to ensure that the front processor in the deposition of sediment, impurities, particles in a timely manner to eliminate.

Multi media filter .jpg

2. The import and export pressure difference of the security filter is increased (>0.06Mpa), and the filter element must be replaced to ensure the normal operation of the RO device.

Suggestion: remove the filter element and clean it every three days.

The replacement cycle of filter element depends on the water quality, and it is replaced every 15 days.

3. The softening resin tank should avoid high temperature exposure and regenerates resin with recycled liquid every 15 days.