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How is the original water of water treatment equipment yellow to return a responsibility?

Nov 02, 2018

Received a customer feedback that there is something wrong with the water treatment equipment, water out of the water is yellow after pretreatment, after after the scene to solve the problems, the main reason is the customer of raw water is well water, the customer is first played well, and then immediately installed equipment, when customer Wells is washed, but because it was not clean, the results after installed equipment, Wells have impurities, customers don't know, after equipment installation operation, there are a lot of sediment in the pretreatment, after a few days of water production, pretreatment tank has accumulated too much sediment, caused the equipment cannot work normally.

reverse osmosis equipment

To this kind of problem we also are run into, pass after sale to arrange check just discover.

Such problems can only be solved by replacing the pretreated quartz sand and activated carbon.

Therefore, before installing the water treatment equipment, customers must ensure that the raw water is clean, because if the raw water quality is poor or has sediment, it will directly affect the service time of the equipment or damage the equipment.

If your raw water is a lake or a river, a sedimentation tank or mechanical treatment, such as fencing, precipitation or air flotation, is required to remove rocks, sediment, fats, grease, etc.

Secondary treatment, after biological treatment, the pollutants in sewage are degraded and transformed into sludge under the action of microorganisms.

A bag filter is then attached to the pretreatment equipment to ensure that there are no excessive impurities in the water!