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How is ozone produced?

Apr 11, 2018

At present all kinds of drink pure water and mineral water of the ozone generator manufacturers use mainly include: 1.1 in air for air supply, air compression, condensation after purification, filtration, drying pretreatment, into the high pressure discharge tube, in the high voltage discharge environment, part of the oxygen excitation is decomposed into oxygen in the air, oxygen and oxygen atoms (or oxygen and oxygen) combined with ozone generated.

The main drawback of the law is that it is noisy.


After 1.2 pure oxygen gas source, the silica gel dry into discharge tube, produce ozone gas, oxygen generator that produces high ozone concentration, purity, without noise, and air source generator use after a period of time can be overcome the shortcoming of easy to make the treated water odor.

The disadvantage is that you often need to replace the oxygen cylinder.

The mixture of ozone and pure water is mixed in two ways: 2.1 ozone mixing tower, ozone in ozone - water mixed with water in the ozone mixing tower to form filling water.

Generally, ozone is cut into small bubbles through the air plate, which can mix water and ozone.

2.2 ozone first enters the water injector (venturi tube) and then mixes well with the water in a fixed spiral mixer.

The method has the advantages of high mass transfer coefficient, high ozone concentration in water and small occupation area, which is suitable for the equipment with oxygen as the gas source.