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How does the direct drinking water system work?

Dec 08, 2018

The direct drinking water of the pipeline adopts the unique percolation performance of the nanofiltration membrane, which can remove organic matter, bacteria and virus in the tap water and retain the trace elements that are beneficial to human body. It is the "deep treatment of drinking water in tap water", which is exported to the water that users can drink directly through ozone, ultraviolet light and variable frequency and constant pressure.

Quality water supply means that the tap water provided by the municipal government is the drinking water according to people's different needs for water in daily life. The tap water is further processed into pure water that can be directly consumed by the special process, which is then transported to the household by food-hygiene pipes and measured separately.

reverse osmosis equipment

This direct drinking pure water or pure water, in accordance with GB 17323 bottled drinking pure water of the People's Republic of China, refers to pure water after purification treatment through Revvrse Osmosis Element/RO using water that meets the hygienic standards for domestic drinking water.

According to the ministry of construction CJ 94 "water quality standard of drinking water purification [3], with the same conform to the hygienic standards for domestic water water as raw material, through Nanofiltration membrane, Nanofiltration Element/NF) or French card, silver (CARTIS) activated carbon after purification treatment, known as clean water.