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How does papermaking industry adjust in ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment?

Mar 01, 2019

As the paper industry in the production process of wastewater discharge diversity, so that the discharge of water quality and water volume in a day has a certain change, so the requirement of wastewater regulation, balance water quality, so that it can be uniform into the subsequent treatment unit, improve the treatment effect.

The main components of wastewater regulation are: water quantity and water quality regulation.

Wastewater treatment equipment and structures are designed according to a certain amount of water standard, requiring uniform water intake, especially for the biological treatment system is more important, in order to ensure the normal operation of subsequent treatment, before the wastewater into the treatment system, pre-regulation of water, so that the treatment system to meet the design requirements.

Plant wastewater reuse equipment

According to the different process of papermaking industry, the amount of wastewater, water quality is different, the residence time of the regulation pool is also different, when the amount of water treated is smaller, the residence time can be selected larger, when the amount of water treated is larger, the residence time can be selected smaller according to the specific situation, generally 4-8 hours.

Although before the adjustment through the grating, fiber wastewater recycling in addition to the measures such as most of the suspended solids, but still there will be a part of the suspended solids, especially the pulp flow into adjusting pool, in order to prevent precipitation, at the same time in order to enhance the uniformity of the wastewater, can consider in regulating pool increased aeration device, which can effectively improve the water quality characteristics of wastewater.