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How does ED work?

May 06, 2019

1, the storage process should not be subject to sun and rain and mechanical damage, storage room should be clean and cool, dry and ventilated.

2. Before cutting, anion and cationic exchange membrane must be soaked in the specified solution for 48 hours, that is, according to the raw water quality analysis data to be processed, the raw water concentration solution is prepared as the cationic membrane immersion solution;The concentration of fresh water at the outlet of electrodialysis is equivalent to that of membrane immersion solution.

3, according to the size of the partition cut hole, the membrane area should be slightly less than the partition area.After the use of a little contraction of the positive membrane, membrane is still swelling, it can be soaked in clear water to make further treatment of membrane after the negative membrane can be immersed in water quality is weak or pure water to contract.

The cation membrane soaked expansion and then immersed in salt water and then contraction., pickling shall, according to the severity of the fouling at the membrane surface concentration of hydrochloric acid should not be more than 3%, started acid such as hydrochloric acid consumption faster, must supplement hydrochloric acid, until no longer consumes hydrochloric acid pickling (about 1 ~ 2 hours), with the raw water to water PH = 4 ~ 5 (after about 10 minutes), can be put into operation (fresh water, strong water, three water systems should be cleaned in time).

5. The perforation film should be loaded into the electroosmosis device as soon as possible, and the wet film should be cleaned, dried and stored in plastic bags.

6. Water inlet requirements for electrodialysis device:(1) turbidity 0.3 PPM or lessThe oxygen consumption <2ppmThe free chlorine is <0.2 PPM(4) of iron <0.3 PPMIt shall set manganese content <0.1 PPM[6] the water temperature is 5 ~ 40 ℃Liragtide hardness over 900ppm should be softenedTherefore the pollution index SDI<5