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How does a pure water machine work?

Oct 19, 2018

4. Real-time monitoring of various operating parameters of purified water equipment is clear at a glanceA set of on - line conductivity meter is set up to measure the quality of raw water.A fresh water flowmeter and a concentrated water flowmeter are set on the reverse osmosis device. The operation condition of reverse osmosis is observed according to the two flow values and the recovery rate of the system is adjusted.On the fresh water side of the reverse osmosis device, on-line conductivity meter is set up to monitor the fresh water conductivity and calculate the desalting rate of the system.The reverse osmosis device is equipped with pressure gauge to monitor the normal operation of reverse osmosis.One pressure gauge is provided at the inlet and outlet of the multi-medium filter.Set one pressure gauge at each inlet and outlet of the security filter;

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5. Liquid level control system of purified water equipmentSet the level controller for the relevant water tank, and start and stop the linkage control with the equipment;

6. Automatic control of agent adding deviceThe dosing pump will start and stop automatically, and the liquid level of the medicine cabinet will automatically alarm, indicating the operator to prepare the medicine liquid.Process specification of purified water equipment