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How are steam generators classified?

May 22, 2020

Steam boiler is sometimes called steam generator, is an important part of steam power plant.

Power station boiler, steam turbine and generator are the main engine of thermal power station.

Industrial boilers are essential equipment to provide steam for production and heating in a variety of industrial enterprises.

There are many industrial boilers and they need a lot of fuel.

The waste heat boiler using high temperature waste gas as heat source plays an important role in energy saving.

Marine boilers are installed on various ships and the steam produced is used to drive steam-powered machinery.

The locomotive boiler as the main equipment of the steam locomotive has some applications.

Boiler bears high temperature and pressure, safety problem is very important.

Even small boilers, once the explosion, the consequences are very serious.

Therefore, the boiler material selection, design and calculation, manufacturing and inspection are made strict regulations.