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High purity water production process.

Mar 16, 2018

In the process of high purity water, the Yin and cation of water can be removed by electrodialysis, reverse osmosis and ion exchange resin technology.

The particles in the water can generally be removed by filtration and membrane filtration.

Bacteria in the water, at present at home.

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Removal by adding or ultraviolet lamp irradiation or ozone sterilization;

The TOC in water is generally treated with activated carbon and reverse osmosis.

In the field where the application of high pure water, the purity of water is directly related to performance, reliability, the threshold voltage of the device, leading to low breakdown, defects, also affect the life of Jane of materials, thus high pure water has a high degree of purity and accuracy.

The dissolved gas in natural water mainly includes O2, CO2, SO2 and a small amount of CH4, radon gas, chlorine gas, etc. In the process of high pure water production, it is necessary to remove such gases.

In order to effectively remove impurities, some chemical fungicides, such as formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite, were added in the process of producing high purity water.

This is one of the reasons why high pure water can't be used as drinking water.

So what is pure water?

Pure water refers to its pure water quality, without any impurities, and is composed of a single quality of H2O.

Effectively avoid the pathogen invasion of the human body, its advantage is that can be safely effectively supplement moisture to the body, strong solubility, so human cells affinity is very strong, it can promote metabolism.

It USES ion exchange method, reverse osmosis method, fine filtration and other appropriate physical processing methods for deep processing of water generated.

Usually clean water in the process of production, only 50% to 75% by using the source water, that is to say, 1 kg of water or underground water can produce only about 0.4 kilograms of pure water, while the rest of the 0.6 kilograms of water cannot be as drinking water, only another for it.