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High ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment mentioned in academic papers

Mar 22, 2019

The PANDA/PANDA new deammoniation technology developed by a certain university in a certain country for the treatment of ammonia nitrogen wastewater has been well verified in large projects, which is an important subject faced by environmental protection work all over the world. Now we will briefly introduce the treatment of high ammonia nitrogen wastewater mentioned in this academic paper.

We need to know that in the wastewater treatment, the discharge of high ammonia nitrogen wastewater has not been effectively controlled, which will bring great harm to the environment.

I have mentioned these dangers many times, but I will not mention them here.

In recent years, new denitrification technologies have been developed for the treatment of high ammonia nitrogen wastewater. Nitrification/denitrification only allows ammonia to oxidize to nitrite (NO2), which will reduce nitrogen (N2).

In practice, different methods are used to inhibit NO2- oxidizing bacteria to avoid nitrate production (NO3).

.Coal chemical wastewater reuse equipment

So far, this processing technique has been well proven in large projects.

Compared with the traditional nitrification, the oxygen demand of nitrite decreased obviously.

Denitrification requires only two-thirds of the organic carbon to reduce the same amount of nitrogen as conventional denitrification.

In terms of effective energy conservation and nitrogen removal, the whole process of deammonification combines nitrification and anammox.

In the process of anammox, autotrophic bacteria are used to convert nitrite (NO2) and ammonia (NH4) into nitrogen under strict hypoxia conditions.

Whole-process autotrophic denitrification requires 60% less oxygen demand than conventional nitrification/denitrification and requires no organic carbon to remove nitrogen.

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