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Feeding of filter press

Mar 24, 2021

The filtration process of the filter press is divided into filtration and pressure filtration. Clean coal technology is mainly concentrated on the research of diaphragm filter press. Dehydration devices such as bread crumbs and discharge speed and discharge speed seem to be even larger than the downstream capacity; but it affects the diaphragm pressure. The filtration efficiency and the capacity of the filter are crucial in the filtration stage, especially for materials that are difficult to filter, such as clay slurry, whose total content exceeds 60% of the total circulation. Therefore, the key to improving the productivity of the filter press is how to optimize the materials.

In the coal preparation plant, the filter press is the last of the slime water treatment equipment, and all slime must be recovered. The flotation machine and the slime membrane squeeze filter press have membranes, which are forced through.

The filter press has low water content and can realize automatic intermittent operation. It has been widely used in mining industry, light industry and chemical industry. Single-pump feed pressure filter Single-pump feed, that is, press the filter to enter the required material pump, and select high-flow and high-lift pumps for flow and lift. The structure is simple, the construction is convenient, and the investment is small. At the same time, the material of a single pump also has disadvantages. At the beginning of filling, it will have a great resistance to the medium. For the material, the resistance is relatively large, and the corresponding pump filling pressure is relatively large, resulting in the formation of the surface of the filter cloth. The filter cake layer is broken, and the turbidity of the filtered water passing through the filter increases.