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Electronic Water Treatment instrument

Oct 20, 2017

Main Features

⒈ does not change the chemical properties of water without any side effects on the human body.

⒉ descaling effect is obvious. The equipment installed in the water circulation system, the original scale under the 2mm, under the general circumstances of 30 days can gradually make it loose off, after treatment of scaling is granular, can be discharged with the sewage pipeline, will not plug the pipeline system. After the old scale falls off, the new scale will not be produced in a certain range.

⒊ equipment small size, easy to install, can be used for a long time unattended.

⒋ flow through the equipment, can make water into magnetized water, and in the water bacteria have a certain inhibition and killing effect.

⒌ does not corrode equipment, can prolong the service life of the servo equipment.

Working principle

When the current is high voltage, high frequency electromagnetic field, water in heavy carbonate calcium, magnesium ions and each heavy carbonate ions in the high-pressure, high-frequency electromagnetic field, the loss of chemical, physical and mutual attraction of the ability to gradually form a crystal regiment sank into the bottom, with sewage discharged, so as to achieve anti-scaling purposes.