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Electronic descaling instrument

Oct 20, 2017

The principle of scale inhibition and descaling

Its principle is the use of integrated radio waves to change the water in the physical structure of calcium, magnesium and other ions, become insoluble in the water of the new crystals, they will suspend in the water, will not adhere to the tube wall, to prevent scaling formation. As the calcium and magnesium ions from the water precipitation, water will revert to the high dissolved state, (water itself is a highly soluble liquid, but will be saturated due to absorption of other substances), when the response to a high dissolved water flow through the scale of the pipeline, it can be dissolved and absorbed in the scale, and drainage in the discharge, so that the product in addition to prevent scale formation, can also effectively remove the old dirt. The microcontroller in the processor automatically monitors changes in the flow rate, water quality and concentration, and releases the correct signal waves as appropriate. Automatic interference of molecular energy technology, specifically to control the physical structure of CaCO3 microcrystalline matrix, resulting in CaCO3 crystal of the form of aragonite trend.