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Electrical failure of filter press

Mar 09, 2021

The filter press is mainly composed of a transmission part, a filter plate part, a pressure plate part, a thrust plate part, a pressing device (mainly a hydraulic device), a hydraulic system, an electronic control system and an auxiliary part. Electrical failure is one of the common failures of filter press. Let's take a look at related introductions about electrical faults. 

The causes of electrical faults are: loose wires, wrong wiring, insensitive or damaged components, loose bolts, broken or loose parts, incompatible circuits or oil circuits, pressure relays not properly adjusted, and adjustable components not adjusted, resulting in internal disconnection Wait. To

Electrical fault handling requires electrical personnel not only to be familiar with the electrical schematic diagram, the performance of electrical components, but also to understand the hydraulic schematic diagram, the relationship between filter control and power transmission, and to understand the filter's working status and workflow. According to the time when the fault occurred, in which working process and when the action occurred, determine the area where the fault is located. For some prone faults, you must first check to speed up troubleshooting, such as loose wires, improper adjustment or damage to the pressure relay. 

Remind everyone that through the maintenance, maintenance and failure analysis of the filter press treatment, the utilization rate of the filter press can be greatly increased, which plays an important role in the normal production of the enterprise and produces good economic benefits.