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EDI ultra pure water equipment 7 performance advantages?

Jan 17, 2019

Automatic two-stage reverse osmosis +EDI+ polishing mixing bed is an advanced treatment technology at present, and EDI is an essential part of ultra-pure water production equipment.

Up to now, still have a few manufacturer to still use mix bed to make super pure water, mix bed to exceed pure water equipment big advantage is early stage investment is little, besides, cannot compare with EDI the outstanding performance advantage of equipment of super pure water.

reverse osmosis equipment

Blue sky ultrapure water preparation system mainly adopts automatic reverse osmosis + electric deionization (EDI)+ polishing mixed bed ultrapure water treatment technology, pretreatment plus reverse osmosis treatment, effectively remove all kinds of salt and impurities in the water, and then use CEDI and polishing mixed bed system, further improve the water quality, so that the water to meet the requirements of the water process.

Ultra-pure water equipment system adopts full self-transport control, which has the advantages of stable water quality, simple operation, low operation cost, green environmental protection, easy maintenance, etc., and is widely used in industrial water treatment and other related industries.