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EDI purified water treatment

Jan 03, 2018

Operation principle of EDI ultrapure water treatment equipment: electricity to primary ion (EDI) system is under the effect of dc field, after partition of water dielectric directional ion attack move, use of ion exchange membrane to pick through the effect of purified water for a scientific water treatment techniques.

EDI equipment     .jpg

Electro dialyzer between electrodes, usually by membrane, Yin Yang film, diaphragm (a, b) multiple sets of replacement, a thick chamber and weak chamber  (that is, cation through Yang film, anion through Yin film). The weak cation to the cathode chamber water moving through the Yang membrane, is Yin membrane intercept in thick chamber;

Anion in water to the positive direction to move Yin membrane, was thick chamber of Yang membrane intercept, such after light room on the number of ions in water gradually reduce, into fresh water, and thick chamber of the water, because of the strong room ion of Yin and Yang were, dielectric ion concentration increasing, and become thick water, and then to fade, purification, concentration or intention of refined.