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Does pure water purify commonly used have treatment method?

Oct 12, 2018

1. Precipitation method: water is pretreated by natural precipitation method with large volume and low flow rate, such as sedimentation tank.

2. Coagulation method: the impurities in water and iron, aluminum, macromolecular and other coagulants are used to form large particle precipitates through flocculation and bridging, which are then removed by other equipment.

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3.Filtration method: the treated water will flow through a device containing special filtration materials to intercept impurities in the water and be removed.

4. Softening method: calcium, magnesium and iron ions in water are removed by chemical agents or cation exchange resin.

5. Disinfection method: adding agents or using methods such as ultraviolet ray and ozone to eliminate microorganisms and bacteria in water.