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Dewatering device of belt filter press

Feb 11, 2020

How to dehydrate the excrement produced by breeding?

The best way is to use the manure belt filter press to stop the dehydration treatment. The disposal process of the belt filter press is to pump the watery feces through the conveyor belt into the body of the manure belt filter press, with the opportunity to squeeze the body The squeezing dragon can gradually squeeze the manure with water to the front of the body, and at the same time increase the pressure of the front edge of the manure belt filter press to achieve the effect of filtering the water. The net flows out of the drain.

When the water is lifted into the body from time to time, when the pressure in the body reaches a certain level, the water is separated from the feces, and the separated feces can open some of the feed openings and squeeze the discharge opening to reach the dehydrated discharge of the feces For the purpose of controlling the speed and water content of the excrement, it can be adjusted through the counterweight below the host to complete the process of dewatering the excrement.