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Description of pure water equipment

Oct 21, 2018

Although the ultra-filtered water purification equipment technology started late in China, the development of ultra-filtered water purification equipment technology is very rapid. With the continuous promotion of this technology and the continuous improvement of people's understanding of it, the beverage production industry is bound to get more benefits from it.

The ultrafiltration membrane equipment has several different forms in industrial application, such as flat, tubular, spiral plate and hollow fiber shape.

At present, most of the domestic applications are plate-like and tubular, especially hollow fiber membrane (hollow-fiber membrane) has also been widely used in water treatment.

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Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is the most mature and advanced form of ultrafiltration technology.

This kind of film is developed on the basis of flat film with spatial solid geometry, which makes the film equipment of unit volume have great permeability of film without relying on extremely thin semi-permeable film.

The wall of hollow fiber pipe is covered with micropores, whose pore diameter is expressed by the relative molecular mass of interception substance, and the interception relative molecular mass can reach thousands to hundreds of thousands.

By adopting hollow cylinder configuration, the production capacity of unit volume membrane osmosis equipment is greatly improved.

The raw water is pressurized in the outer or inner cavity of the hollow fiber, which constitutes the external pressure type and the internal pressure type respectively.

Ultrafiltration is a dynamic filtration process, in which the trapped material can be eliminated with the concentration, without clogging the membrane surface, and can run continuously for a long time.

It can be proved that in the application of ultrafiltration, if a circular cylinder with a reasonable size of hollow fiber membrane is adopted, the amount of permeable liquid will be equivalent to the income of more than ten square meters of ultra-thin flat film.