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Current status of electroplating wastewater treatment

Feb 07, 2020

There have been many treatment technologies for electroplating wastewater in recent years, but the results have been uneven. But according to its processing principle, it is mainly classified into physical methods, chemical methods and biochemical methods. But a single processing method cannot meet the requirements. We need to use a combination of multiple treatment methods to treat electroplating wastewater. After classified collection and quality pretreatment at the discharge site of the workshop, unified treatment is carried out to maximize the treatment effect.

Nickel ions in nickel-containing wastewater are a type of pollutant, which needs to be collected and processed separately, and we must also fully consider the recovery and utilization of precious metal nickel. Nickel-containing wastewater can be divided into two types: nickel sulfate wastewater and chemical nickel wastewater. Nickel sulfate wastewater can use mature membrane treatment process or ion exchange resin to achieve resource recovery. After the chemical nickel wastewater is collected separately, it can be precipitated and separated by physical and chemical pretreatment. The economic value of the nickel sludge obtained will be higher, and the investment of this treatment method is relatively small.