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Cooling workshop ozone sterilizer.

Apr 10, 2018

As a new clean disinfectant, the ozone sterilizer in the cooling workshop has been widely used in domestic and international aquaculture.

Ozone disinfection has the advantages of efficient, fast, no pollution of all kinds of microorganisms with a strong exterminate action, and also has the increase of oxygen and purify the effect, as factory aquaculture and seedling have created favorable conditions.

Several models for the application of ozone sterilizer in aquaculture.


Ozone disinfection and purification of water quality in open system: after years of practice, the water quality of aquaculture water is purified by ozone treatment.

The system is mainly composed of ozone generator and high efficiency air and water mixer. The water source water for feeding and seedling is sterilized and purified, and the combination layout of the system is simple and convenient.

The water intake of the ozone water disposal system is connected with the water supply source, and the water supply should be disposed through settlement and filtration.

Purified water from ozone can be used for the sterilization of aquaculture, aquaculture, biological bait breeding, and for raising seedling pools and other utensils.

The water that is normally treated with ozone should be placed for 2 hours before being used for feeding and seedling production. The water in the water should not be rich in residual ozone.

There is a need for further in-depth treatment of the severe demand for seedling production. If activated carbon is used, it will not have any harmful effects on the organism.

With regard to the treatment of fish diseases, the water should be enriched with the necessary amount of residual ozone, and the water body can be sterilized and sterilized.

But the fish that can be treated should be manipulated in the water that is rich in residual ozone, which is not the same as the ability to tolerate ozone.

About disinfection, purification water, insist on high residual ozone concentration in water, the water has strong sterilization purification can be used for flushing breeding pool wall and disinfection of utensils demand, can replace disinfection drugs, and non-toxic harmless secondary pollution will not occur.