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Common failures of household reverse osmosis machines.

1. If the transformer is burnt out and the original water pressure fails, it will directly cause the pump not to start to produce water;

2. Check whether the PP filter is blocked, causing the water to be unable to flow through, and the pressure rises out of the water.

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If this phenomenon occurs, the filter element should be replaced.

3. The discharge water quality standard is not qualified, check whether the reverse osmosis membrane is blocked or seriously polluted due to long-term use;

4. The pressure bucket is filled with water, but the pure water can't flow out. It may be that the post-activated carbon is blocked and must be replaced.

5. The machine has stopped running, but there is still water flowing out. It is necessary to check whether the water inlet electromagnetic valve is running properly.

6. The machine can't stop the machine frequently, it needs to check whether the high voltage switch fails;