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Chemical water treatment

Dec 05, 2017

Government departments in major cities in China are increasingly using administrative and economic measures to limit water use, and increase the intensity of water conservation and pollution control.
Therefore, the water treatment is the two beneficial measures of water conservation and pollution control.
The main water is used for flushing, landscaping, landscape, washing ground, car wash, etc.
The main advantages
1. The water quality is stable, safe and hygienic, and the sensory performance is excellent.
2. The biochemical treatment adopts new packing, which is larger than surface area, with high adhesion and high impact ability.
3. The physicochemical process can be operated intermittently, running fast, with little investment and low running cost.
4. Compact structure and little space.
5. High degree of automation, which enables the system to control the operation of water and water pump, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
Equipment requirements and features
1. Grille to intercept the large debris and floating objects in the water to ensure the normal operation of the follow-up equipment.
2. Adjustment pool in order to ensure the continuous, uniform and efficient operation of the equipment, the uneven drainage must be stored and adjusted.
In order to prevent the dirt from depositing rot in the regulating pool, the preaeration is set up in the pool.
3. Hair focusing device as a pre-treatment method, remove hair, fibrous material and bulk debris in water to ensure the normal operation of the system.
4. Integrated equipment (for contact oxidation method), the equipment will integrate biological oxygen, aeration, precipitation and storage into one, compact structure, little space, and convenient installation and installation.
The contact oxidation pool consists of pool body, filler, cloth water device and aeration system.
It is an organic matter in the adsorption of biofilms attached to the filler.
Tank according to principle of flocculation precipitation pool with inclined tube (plate), after adding the flocculating agent of water into the tank fully mixing, precipitation, water from the pool of overflow, sedimentary pollution in the bottom out on a regular basis.
This kind of separation method is efficient and occupies little space.
5. Quartz sand filter
Interception of small suspended water in water, further reduce the turbidity of water and improve water quality.