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Characteristics of ultrafiltration membrane

Nov 01, 2019

1) The shell is made of impact-resistant ABS material, the pressure bearing capacity is above 16KG, and the wall thickness is thickened by 1mm. It can fully withstand various pressure shocks that may occur in the water inlet, ensuring that there will be no cracking under the impact water pressure. The ultrafiltration membrane is prevented from being pressed for a long time during use, and the creep of the material causes water leakage.

2) Each HUF90 film is filled with 1400 film filaments, the length is increased by 100mm, and the membrane area is increased by 15%. The effective membrane area is higher than that of any domestic product of the same specification. Increased water production.

3) The end cap is a hemispherical convex structure. Compared with the conventional end surface planar structure, the distribution of the influent water at the end surface is more uniform, and the wall thickness is thickened by 1 mm to ensure that it does not break under the impact water pressure.

4) The bonding between the shell and the threaded sleeve is bonded by French imported glue, the bonding length is lengthened, and the joint gap is uniform. Water leakage, degumming, and hygienic standards are fully achieved during use.

5) The connection thread between the end cover and the housing adopts a zigzag thread, which increases the torque and load, and does not cause slipping or water leakage.

6) The effective area of the membrane is large, the water flux is large, and the pure water flux is 1800 liters, which is much higher than the domestic specifications.

7) Pressure and leakproof structure design ensures that the HUF90 ultrafiltration membrane will not leak, degumming, slippery, and gelatin.