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Characteristics of Medicinal purified water?

Jul 22, 2020

1. Standardized design: Wanyuan purified water system complies with the latest Chinese, American and European pharmacopoeia standards, CGMP and GAMP specifications, and conforms to GMP and FDA certification requirements;

2. Process design concept: Adopt the "whole film method" process (ultrafiltration + secondary reverse osmosis +EDI), to ensure the quality and stability of the effluent water quality to a great extent.

3. Integrated design: the system structure is compact, occupying the ground actively and saving the capital investment of customers greatly.

reverse osmosis equipment

4. Automatic operation: The equipment adopts PLC intelligent control and automatic operation, without full-time staff operation, avoiding the unstable operation caused by human factors.

5. Health class components: Health class shells, clamps, storage tanks and 304 health class pipes (depending on the water quality requirements of users);

6. Welding: The machine is imported from Germany for welding, and the automatic welder prints the welding parameter record to form a complete welding record, which meets the requirements of GMP.

7. Design according to URS: Only the purified water equipment system customized according to the URS requirements of users is good.

8. Disinfection and sterilization: Equipped with pasteurization, ozone sterilization, UV UV and membrane filter, to prevent the impact of bacteria on the water quality.