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Causes of leakage in the filter chamber of the filter press

Mar 26, 2020

The filter chamber of the filter press is formed by several square individual filter plates formed by pressure. When this plays a vital role-pressure, when it cannot reach a certain range, then it will naturally affect the state of the filter plate, and naturally will affect the filter chamber of the device. If the pressure is less than the required amount, the bearing capacity of the filter plate and the filter plate is naturally less than the power of the filter liquid, so it will flow out from the gap of the filter plate and even cause spraying. Therefore, according to this reason, when the filter room is found to leak, the first thing to check is the equipment pressure system problem, to see if it has generated enough pressure or the screw is not stuck, and other reasons. One of the reasons for the small effect of the hydraulic system.

In addition to insufficient pressure, the damage of the filter plate itself is also the cause of filter leakage. Because the filter presses work in a long and extremely harsh environment, and also need to loosen the filter plates one by one, to remove the filter cake. Such complicated and repeated work will inevitably cause some damage to the filter plate inadvertently.