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Cause analysis and treatment method of ammonia nitrogen exceeding standard in domestic sewage?

Mar 12, 2019

Domestic ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment: recently, the water quality of a factory treated ammonia nitrogen is higher, up to 300, and the owner's requirement is up to 30. Would you like to know whether the aerobic effluent can be refluxed to anaerobic ammonia nitrogen removal, will it be effective to do so?

In fact, in addition to ammonia nitrogen is mainly in the aerobic pool, but the need for denitrification auxiliary supplement alkalinity.

Denitrification removes the total oxygen.

Coal chemical wastewater reuse equipment

The return of the aerobic pool to the anaerobic pool actually forms AO, which is certainly more conducive to the removal of ammonia nitrogen in the water, but it should be noted that the AO ratio and the return ratio.

The removal of ammonia nitrogen depends on the nitrification of the aerobic pool, which increases the reaction time of the aerobic pool and can be reduced by adding the alkalinity of ammonia nitrogen. For example, when the ammonia nitrogen flows back to the anaerobic pool, the explanation of ammonia nitrogen in the aerobic pool is delayed, which is equivalent to extending the reaction time.

That is to say, as a result of ammonia nitrogen in aerobic condition by nitrification down into nitrate nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen is under anaerobic conditions for nitrogen removal by denitrification reduction, therefore, to remove ammonia nitrogen should increase its residence time in aerobic pond, and ensure the DO value and alkalinity, and then return to YanYangChi for denitrification.

Ammonia nitrogen should be removed to increase the residence time in the aerobic tank and ensure the alkalinity of DO value, and then reflux to the anaerobic tank for denitrification