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Brief introduction of Fenton oxidation method of industrial wastewater treatment technology

Jan 02, 2021

Let’s talk about some aspects of Fenton oxidation in industrial wastewater treatment technology. This technology originated in the mid-1990s and was proposed by French scientist HJ Fenton. Under acidic conditions, H2O2 can be effectively catalyzed by Fe2+ ions. The tartaric acid is oxidized and applied to the oxidation of malic acid. For a long time, the default Fenton principle is to use ferrous ion as a catalyst for hydrogen peroxide. The reaction produces hydroxyl radicals. The formula is: Fe2++ H2O2 ——Fe3++OH-+•OH, and the reaction is mostly carried out under acidic conditions .

Among the chemical oxidation methods, the Fenton method has shown certain advantages in dealing with some refractory organics (such as phenols and anilines). With the in-depth study of the Fenton method, in recent years, ultraviolet light (UV), oxalate, etc. have been introduced into the Fenton method to greatly enhance the oxidation ability of the Fenton method.