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Biological membrane water treatment in sewage treatment.

Jun 22, 2018

Biological filter 

(1) : to make waste water through the growth in the biofilm on the surface of the filter material, through the exchange of material between two sides and biochemical function, make organic matter degradation in waste water, purification of water treatment.

(2) biological rotary table: a disk consisting of a number of disks that are fixed on a horizontal axis, and a layer of biofilm growing on the rotating disk surface to achieve the purification effect of water treatment.

MBR membrane bioreactor .jpg

Biological contact oxidation: all the fillers for microbial habitat are immersed in the waste water, and the mechanical equipment is used to fill the waste water with air, so that the organic matter in the waste water can be degraded to purify the waste water.

3, (1) land infiltration land treatment system: using membrane microbes in soil and plant roots of purification for sewage treatment, at the same time the use of sewage water and fertilizer to accelerate the growth of crops, grass and trees.

(2) sewage irrigation: this water treatment method is mainly for irrigation to make full use of the purified sewage.

4. Anaerobic biological water treatment: use anaerobic microorganism to decompose organic matter in sewage, achieve water treatment and purification purpose, and produce methane gas, CO2 and other gases.