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Basic maintenance knowledge of belt filter press

Feb 04, 2021

One. Cylinder

It is very common for the cylinder to be blocked. This is usually due to improper use. It is required to frequently drain the air compressor on site (some air compressors do not seem to need to drain), and there is a filter at the air inlet Bottle, the water in it should also be drained, or it will be troublesome if it enters the cylinder. Second, filter cloth The correct selection of filter cloth should consider the clarity of the filtrate and the filtration efficiency. The filter cloth must be cleaned once at the end of each work so that no residue is left on the cloth surface. The filter cloth should be softened when it becomes hard. If damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

Three, filter plate

Check the sealing surface of the filter plate and remove the residue on the sealing surface to avoid slurry and liquid leakage during work. Pay attention to protect the sealing surface, do not collide, it is better to stand up when placed, can reduce deformation.

Four, filter belt

A common problem is that the torn or clogged filter belt is mostly caused by uneven force. So pay attention to the machine's correction system. If there is a problem with the correction, the filter cloth runs off and the machine is turned normally, the life of the filter cloth is almost the same. As for clogging, frequent flushing is required. One is to ensure clean flushing water, and the other is to ensure sufficient flushing water pressure, and rinse for 5-10 minutes after the machine stops.

Five, bearing

Because the belt machine mainly relies on the extrusion of the roller to dewater. Therefore, the bearing bears great pressure, so the bearing is also a common wearing part. This requires us to pay attention to the thickness of the mud cake during desliming. Generally, the thickness of the mud cake of 3-5mm is a good result. Don't be too thick, which will damage the bearing.